spin rewriter logo1 Spin Rewriter ReviewWelcome to my Spin Rewriter review website, where I will share with you my personal experience, both good and bad, in using this new web-based article rewriter. If you are in the market for a good article spinning software, you undoubtedly have heard about The Best Spinner from Jon Leger, and you may personally own and use it everyday. I myself use it more than I care to admit. So why should you even bother trying another spinner like this one? What does it do that The Best Spinner cannot do? Spin Rewriter vs The Best Spinner: Which is better? I will put them through the test for you to see and judge for yourself.

If you want to skip this review and take a look at the official site, you can go here:

Spin Rewriter official site with their current 70% launch discount

Otherwise, read on to find out all you need to know about this article spinner.

New Spin Rewriter 2.0 Update

SpinRewriter 2.0 has recently been released on 11 June 2012. This is a groundbreaking release, with features unseen and unheard of in any other article spinner before.

According to Aaron, you will be able to let SpinRewriter automatically spin your articles at the sentence and paragraph levels. Something which you have probably seen before in good quality spun articles prepared by humans such as those from Ultra Spinnable Articles.

I have tested the automatic sentence and paragraph rewriting, and what I can see is that it shortens random sentences and also creates new paragraphs from these shortened sentences, while still keeping their meaning coherent. This adds another level of randomness to the spun article, and great value to an already great product.

The price for Spin Rewriter 2.0 still remains the same for now (with 70% launch discount as before). However with the loads of great features that have been added, it will not likely stay this low for long. So now really is the best time to get it.

Click Here To Try Version 2.0 Free For 5 Days

Here is a preview of the latest version. Make sure you see the last 2 minutes for a demonstration of the new automatic sentence and paragraph level spinning.

How I Came To Be A Spin Rewriter User

But first, a little about me and how I came to be a user. Even though this is not directly about the software, I hope it will help earn some trust in your eyes about why you should even be listening to me. I’ve been making a living as an Internet marketer for 2 years. As a one man business, I’m always on the lookout for technologies to leverage my time better.

Since day 1 I’ve been using The Best Spinner for creating spun articles for my link building. I do have other means of getting spun articles, such as through Vita Vee’s Ultra Spinnable Article services, however The Best Spinner is what I use day in and day out to create spun content on demand. As much as it is a great article spinner, however, it has quite a severe drawback, which is the quality of its spun articles when you do word-level spinning (more on this later).

When Spin Rewriter came out in September 2011, I saw the potential in using its advertised artificial intelligence technology to automatically produce reasonable readable articles with a high level of uniqueness. I was very impressed with the demo video, and how the software was able to work out synonyms based on the surrounding contexts, instead of merely looking at individual words. And I wanted to test it out further. Since the promotional price for it was cheap enough (less than $60 for the whole year), I signed up and have been using it ever since.

As I am an advanced user of both The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter, I hope you can see I’m in a position to compare the two software, and share with you what I think is good or bad, or can be improved about them. I will also tell you how I use them for maximum effects, to deliver the best article spinning quality with the least amount of time on your part.

Here is the YouTube video that convinced me to sign up in the first place.

A Closer Look At SpinRewriter

What Does It Do?

I will not go into detail here, as you can find out all you can about its advertised features on the official Spin Rewriter website. But in short, it is a Web-based application that helps you with the following:

  • Makes rewriting your articles as easy as clicking one button
  • Actually understands the text and only suggests meaningful synonyms
  • It produces readable spun articles because it understands the original text
  • Rewrites your articles by using its growing collection of 750,000+ synonyms
  • Comes with paragraph, sentence, phrase and single-word level spinning
  • Exports hundreds of unique articles in all popular spintax formats
  • Offers Bulk Rewrite that lets you rewrite multiple articles with 1 click
  • Gets better every day and adapts to your personal style of writing
  • Tells you the current uniqueness of spun versions of your article
  • It’s integrated into WP Robot and similar auto-blogging tools
  • Works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, your phone, etc.
  • It automatically spins your articles on sentence-level and paragraph level, not only word-level (a huge feature available in Spin Rewriter 2.0)

Here are just some of the benefits of this software:

  • You can easily create tons of high quality, readable unique content
  • All this unique content can be used for blog networks, article directories, website content, etc.
  • It boosts your SEO rankings, and you get a ton of free traffic

Spin Rewriter is essentially a web based application which lets rewrite/spin your articles quickly and easily. The interface is very intuitive. There’s no need to install any additional software. All you need is a browser to be able to start working with it.

So what does Spin Rewriter offer that other competing software don’t? The answer lies in its ability to understand your article context. Using its artificial intelligence and machine learning engine, it analyzes your articles and suggests only meaningful synonyms based on the surrounding context. Unlike other software, it doesn’t just blindly replace any word/phrase with a fixed number of synonyms any time there is an occurrence of such words/phrases. This really is the main selling point. Spin Rewriter understands the difference between verbs, nouns, adjectives, sex and many other word attributes. And this is why spun articles produced are much better in quality and uniqueness than with any other software.

Another key feature is its One-Click Rewrite system. It’s a great time saver, and I personally use it the most. Just paste an article into the input form, enter some protected words/phrases, click on One-Click Rewrite, wait for a minute, and you are done. There are 3 quality levels that you can choose from:

  • generate as many suggestions as possible (high risk)
  • use suggestions that you believe are correct (recommended)
  • only use suggestions that you’re really confident about (low risk)

However what I have found is that the 3rd setting - only use suggestions that you’re really confident about (low risk) – gives the best spin quality, while still generating a lot of synonyms and a high level of content uniqueness.

Here is a great video that shows you what the One Click Rewrite feature can do for you.

What Makes It Different?

With all the available article spinners out there, the like of The Best Spinner, Spinner Chief, etc. one would think there wouldn’t be anything not covered by these software. However, there is something that all these other software can’t do: understanding the surrounding contexts before coming up with synonyms. In other words, what’s lacking is some sort of human intelligence that knows when to use a synonym, and when not to, depending on the surrounding contexts of the article content. While the creators of the other software probably know full well this is doable, given a large database of synonyms, a lot of CPU processing power, and an artificial intelligence engine and machine learning process to drive it all, we Internet marketers have had to wait for a very long time for it to become a reality.

Spin Rewriter fills in this gap by providing a very easy to use Web-based user interface, with a probably very complicated back-end, for users to spin articles that come out highly readable, with a high level of uniqueness. In my tests, time and again, it produces articles that are much easier to comprehend than articles spun with The Best Spinner (set up to use Everyone’s Favorite, Best quality).

Acclaimed Artificial Intelligence Put To The Test

To give you an idea of what kind of spinning quality you can expect, I ran a number of texts through both The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter to compare their spin quality. I chose the below settings since they are the most similar settings from the 2 applications:

  • The Best Spinner settings: Everyone’s Favorite, Best Quality
  • Spin Rewriter settings: One Click Rewrite, only use suggestions that you’re really confident about (low risk)


Here is the original paragraph that contains the word “rose” as a homonym.

  • My favorite flower is a rose. He quickly rose from his seat.

Below is the SpinRewriter’s output:

  • My {favorite|preferred|favored|cherished|beloved} flower is {a rose|a flower}. He {quickly|rapidly|promptly} rose from his seat.

And here is the The Best Spinner’s output:

  • My {favorite|preferred} flower {is a|is really a|is actually a|can be a} rose. He {quickly|rapidly|swiftly|speedily} rose from his seat.

Notice how SpinRewriter is able to replace the first “rose” with “flower”, but is intelligent enough to leave the second “rose”, which is a verb, intact.


Here is the original paragraph that contains the word “read” as a homograph.

  • She is going to read the book later. He read the book last night.

Here is the Spin Rewriter’s output:

  • She is going to {read|check out|review} the book {later|later on}. He {read|checked out|reviewed} the book last {night| evening}.

And here is The Best Spinner’s output:

  • She is going to read the book later. He read the book {last|final} night.

This really is my favorite. As you can see, Spin Rewriter is able to replace the first “read” with “check out” and “review” in the present tense. But the interesting thing is that it is also able to identify the second “read” as a past tense, and come up with the correct synonyms “checked out” and “reviewed” for it.

These tests are just to show you some of the capabilities of this article spinner. I do believe you need to try it out yourself if you are interested to see its full potential and how it can help you with article spinning.

A Walkthrough of the Member Area

Here are some of the screenshots that I captured inside the Spin Rewriter’s member area. There are more features such as support for manual paragraph, sentence, word level spinning, an archive listing of all your previous articles, etc. that I haven’t included in order to keep this review not too lengthy.

The Spin A Single Article screen

Single Spin screen Spin Rewriter Review

The One-Click Rewrite Settings screen to adjust spin quality levels

One Click Rewrite setting Spin Rewriter Review

The Result screen with Spintax texts

Spin Rewriter final step Spin Rewriter Review
Spin Rewriter result Spin Rewriter Review

Adjust Settings and Export Finished Articles

Spin Rewriter settings and export Spin Rewriter Review

The Spin Multiple Articles (Bulk Rewrite) screen

Spin Rewriter Bulk Rewriting Spin Rewriter Review

Comparison of Article Uniqueness And Spin Quality Between Spin Rewriter and TBS

The foremost question you should ask when choosing an article spinner is how easy it is to produce highly unique articles that don’t read like garbage. In other words, the ideal article spinner is one that can produce articles that read reasonably well (good spin quality) while still are as unique as they can be (high percent uniqueness).

Now, to achieve a reasonable spinning quality, i.e. to make the articles highly readable, I would usually set The Best Spinner to do Phrase-Only synonym substitution. Since the higher number of words there are in a phrase, the more certain one can be of the phrase’s definite meaning, it is always a good idea to use Phrase-Only synonym substitution if you want to achieve a high level of readability. However, that comes at an expense. It will usually results in a lower level of uniqueness, since there are less phrases with synonyms than there are words with synonyms. Therefore, with The Best Spinner, you can either have higher article uniqueness or higher article quality/readability, but never both. The same is true when you use The Best Spinner’s Auto Rewrite feature. It automatically replaces phrases of at least 3 words with the best synonyms, and can make articles highly readable, as if written by a human writer. However if more uniqueness is what you are after, then you will be disappointed with the result.

Compare that to the result you see above for Spin Rewriter, and you can see how much better it is when it comes to delivering a nice balance between article uniqueness and spin quality.


Due to the fact that there are huge server resources required in processing the artificial intelligence logic behind Spin Rewriter, you are limited to only 100 articles per day. But I find that I don’t usually use it up, despite I’m a heavy user. The only situation I hit this quota is when I use the Spin Multiple Articles (Bulk Rewrite) feature for auto rewriting many articles at the same time. In general the 100 articles per day limit should be OK for most users.

Can Spin Rewriter replace other spinners?

I have both Spin Rewriter and The Best Spinner, and I don’t plan to retire any of them soon. The reason is that each of them server a purpose. For cases where I need spin articles which are highly readable and highly unique, I will run my original article through the One Click Rewrite, and grab the resulting spin articles for use in my various link building activities.

If on the other hand, I want to rewrite an article manually for use on my money sites, then I will bring out The Best Spinner. It has ways more shortcuts to allow for faster manual spinning, plus the fact that it’s a desktop application does help to speed things up when they have to be done manually too. TBS gives me total control on the content that will go onto my money sites.

In other cases where I just need a reasonable level of uniqueness, but a high level of spin quality, I will use The Best Spinner with its Phrase-Only synonym substitution feature. This results in less synonyms, hence a lower uniqueness, but a more readable article. This kind of content can be good for some link building activities such as for posting to Web 2.0 sites where

So in summary, to achieve reasonable spinning quality (which is probably what we all want in this post Panda world), you have several options which I’ve listed below:

  • Highest quality spinning, 100% uniqueness, most time consuming: Manual spinning with The Best Spinner. Outcome is good for use on money pages.
  • High quality spinning, 30% – 60% uniqueness, at the click of a button: The Best Spinner’s Phrase-Only Substitution. Outcome may be good for use on human moderated Web 2.0 properties or top article directories.
  • Reasonable quality, 50 – 90% uniqueness, at the click of a button with the One Click Rewrite, using the option “only use suggestions that you’re really confident about (low risk)”.
  • Reasonable quality, 100% uniqueness (Copyscape passed): See below for detail.

How to create high quality, Copyscape-passed articles with The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter in record time

This is my own 3 step process for leveraging the power of The Best Spinner, Spin Rewriter, Copyscape and the human brain to quickly and easily create highly readable, Copyscape passed articles.

First run the article through SpinRewriter’s One Click Rewrite, using the option “only use suggestions that you’re really confident about (low risk)”.

Then paste the result into TBS, and remove the original words.

Then take a spun version of the article. This gives an article which is usually 90% unique by Copyscape standard. The last step is to look at what Copyscape tells you as the duplicate words/phrases, which is usually not a lot, and spin those manually using The Best Spinner. Using this approach I can come up with a Copyscape passed, reasonably readable article in 3 minutes.

I’ll be the first to admit the result of this process is not something you will want to use on your money site. However, for link building purposes, these articles will be just fine. You can create a good, unique article very quickly this way, then post it onto a Web 2.0 property, for example, with a link back to your site. And you are done.

Pros and Cons


  • The software is very reasonably priced. It will cost you $27/month or $59.10/year with the current 70% launch discount.
  • It is undoubtedly the best article spinner on the market at the moment at the word synonym level.
  • It understands your text and only suggests meaningful synonyms based on the surrounding contexts.
  • The interface is really clean and intuitive. It is very easy to use.
  • It is easily accessible via a Web-based application. There’s no software for you to download, install or update.
  • It keeps getting better and constantly learns from its users.
  • It rewrites your articles by using its growing collection of 750,000+ synonyms.
  • Its One-Click Rewrite system is the best among all Auto Rewrite options I have seen in other software. It achieves a great balance of readability and uniqueness.
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee for your peace of mind while trying it out.


  • There can be the occasional bug as Spin Rewriter is less than a year old, but their team is hard at work fixing these everyday.
  • The One-Click rewrite system is great, but it’s not perfect.
  • There is a limit of 100 articles per day.

Purchase Option

You can purchase Spin Rewriter either with a monthly plan, or a yearly plan.

The monthly plan costs $27/month, which is rather steep considering you only have to pay $47/year (with discount) for The Best Spinner.

The yearly plan for SpinRewriter represents much better value for money, because as we speak, there is a huge 70-percent discount available, as it still needs as many users as possible to learn from, to become even better. If you sign up now, the huge 70% discount will be yours forever. It brings the price down from the usual $197/year to only $59.10/year. That, to me, is a really small price to pay for such a high quality service.

Money back guarantee

You have 30 days to try it out. If it is not something you would like to use for the long haul, just let them know about your issues and they will refund your last payment, guaranteed.

My Bonus For Your Purchase

If you believe Spin Rewriter could be a great addition to your arsenal of Internet Marketing tools to save time, money and boost your productivity and bottom line at the same time, then I have good news for you.

When you buy it through this below special promotion link, just send in your proof of purchase to me at thangdo02@gmail.com, and I will immediately send you my own ebook containing the very steps I use for creating highly readable, Copyscape passed articles in under 3 minutes.

This ebook elaborates on the 3 step process that I outlined above, with detailed screen by screen, step by step instructions. Using this quick and easy process, you will be able to just take any article – be it a PLR article, an Ezine article, etc. – and turn it into a unique, Copyscape passed article that is still highly readable, all in a couple of minutes. This ebook will no doubt take your productivity to another level.


I hope you have found this SpinRewriter review useful, and picked up a few good tips about how to do article spinning effectively. One thing I’ve learned in my Internet Marketing career is to always take things with a grain of salt, and always test things and see the results for myself. I don’t believe all the hype, and neither should you. If you think SpinRewriter can help you in any way, I suggest you try it out yourself to see if it deserves a permanent place in your IM toolbox.

With the 30-day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. And don’t forget you will also get my bonus ebook that lays down 3 quick and easy steps for creating high quality, Copyscape-passed articles in under 3 minutes, on any subject of your liking.

I hope you will come back here to leave your comments about your impressions after having tried it out, so that other people can learn about it too. I know I have benefited significantly from my small investment in Spin Rewriter, and I hope it will do the same for you and your Internet marketing business too.

Try Spin Rewriter Risk Free At 70% Launch Discount

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